Why did Stoneking Physical Therapy and Wellness make a significant investment in Keiser air resistance equipment? To us and the folks at Keiser the answer was simple. Eliminate the use of iron as resistance in order to train at faster speeds – the speed of life. The additional forces needed to start and stop iron at the beginning and end of each repetition increases with speed and creates a shock load to the joints and connective tissue. Who hasn’t heard the crashing and pounding of iron weights in the gym?! Eliminating these shock loads reduces the risk of injury, and allows one to build strength and endurance at speeds that were previously impossible without risk of injury.

As we age, we lose what we don’t use. We get weaker. We get slower! Our dominant side becomes more dominant. Our coordination, stability, and balance get worse. These are changes that affect many of us from age 30 on. Studies have shown that Keiser equipment can reverse all of the aforementioned ill effects, whether you’re an elite athlete or a senior. Rather than suffer from decline and then try to reverse it, wouldn’t it be better to live a happier and healthier life by preventing it? Give us a look!