Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a doctor’s order to attend therapy?
A: The basic answer is no. Most insurers do not require a physician visit before attending therapy. The rare exceptions are those who are injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident. In those instances, state law dictates a physician referral for therapy.

Q: My doctor has prescribed therapy, 3 times per week for 4 weeks. Do I have to go that often or for that long?
A: Your physical therapist will establish the treatment plan and duration need. Typically, as a patient improves, the intensity level of therapy need diminishes. The need is based on your examination findings and what protocol/evidence supports. Regardless, our physical therapists work collaboratively with your physician of record, providing detailed initial examination and follow-up re-examination reports.

Q: Does my insurance provide coverage for physical therapy?
A: Physical therapy is a mandated health benefit in all health plans. The terms and conditions vary however from policy to policy. There may be copay requirements, visit limits, etc. As a courtesy, our office staff will help inform you of your benefits.

Q: Do you participate with my health plan?
A: Stoneking Physical Therapy is a participating provider with virtually all health plans. The one exception is Medicaid, where care must be hospital based.

Q: I’ve heard that physical therapy can be painful. Is that true?
A: Our motto is “No Gain With Pain”. Physical Therapy is a non-drug, non-surgical approach for relief of pain and restoration of function. As physical therapists, we define pain in terms of intensity (using a scale from 1-10), and quality (e.g. sharp, dull, shooting, knifelike, soreness, etc.). Specific instructions are given you to keep the discomfort at a minimum, with a pain rating of 3 or less. Your physical therapist will utilize interventions, as needed, to diminish pain before proceeding to therapeutic exercises and activities.

Q: What does it mean for your therapy provider to be in network versus out of network?
A: Stoneking Physical Therapy is “in network” with virtually all health plans. What this means is that we accept what the insurer pays as payment in full, with no balance billing to you. As always, however, you would be responsible for any copays, coinsurance, or unmet deductible.


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