Its officially spring! We’ve had some beautiful weather here in New Jersey allowing us all a chance to get outside for more walks, runs, bike rides etc. Spring also marks the start of running season. The most notable run as of late was the 2019 Boston Marathon which we watched here in the office. This weekend the Philadelphia Broadstreet run will be kicking off which a few of us here at the office will be running! This is the time of year where my email gets filled with 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon promotions and I’m sure many of you experience the same. If this is the year where you’ve decided to actually read through one of those emails and are considering getting into running, visit they have great training plans for beginner runners. The training plan that I’ve highlighted would be a great start. It gives you 6 weeks to prepare yourself to complete a 5k (3.2 miles). Ideally you’d like to start training and preparing for the race more than 6 weeks out. 12 weeks would be a better time frame allowing you to ease into it a bit more. Regardless of the time you have to train for the race you should check out and read through the training and news section of their website. Lots of great information on stretching, training, proper footwear and more.

Now get out there!