Everyone could benefit from a little exercise, but did you know you could do it while watching television? We have some great suggestions to keep you active during your down time.

Get off the couch to change the channel.
A great way to keep you moving is by placing the remote control someplace where you have to walk to it. Now you’ll be moving every time you change the channel!

Stand up during commercial breaks.
Better yet, walk up and down the stairs, or walk to another room (just not the refrigerator)!

Exercise while you watch.
Perform resistance exercises while you watch, such as sit to stands without using your arms to arise, or dumbbell upper body exercises. Another great way to get in exercise is investing in an aerobic piece of equipment, such as a bike, treadmill, or elliptical, so you can stay moving while watching.

Stand up!
Perform activities that require you to stand, such as ironing clothes. Does anyone do this anymore?

Watching television is a great way to wind down after a long day, but it is also a great opportunity to stay active and keep your body moving. For more information or to learn about our gym memberships  reach out to Stoneking Physical Therapy & Wellness at 609-883-7528.