The Importance of Exercise During Breast Treatment and Recovery

Dec 20, 2016 | Blog

Surviving breast cancer is about more than medical intervention – there is a role you can play, too. Study after study suggests exercise, even if moderate, can ease the challenges of fighting cancer and improve quality of life for survivors.
If you’re one of the nearly 250,000 Americans diagnosed with the disease this year, or one of the more than 3 million survivors, take time to consider the impact of staying active.

Keep Moving Forward

With so many patients detecting breast cancer in early stages and treatments advancing at a rapid pace, those diagnosed with the illness now have a nearly 90 percent chance of surviving at least five years.

While promising odds are encouraging, chemotherapy – one of the most powerful tools to fight the disease – can have debilitating effects during and after treatment. When destroying tumor cells, chemo can also damage peripheral nerves and alter blood counts, leading to loss of sensation in the hands and feet, and can also cause debilitating fatigue.

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