We at Stoneking Physical Therapy prioritize your mental health as much as your physical health. When life deals you a cruel blow, the impact is felt both physically and mentally.

In an effort to be an ally in your mental health we strive to be active listeners – giving you full attention, acknowledging what is said, and being empathetic. As long standing healthcare practitioners, we are acutely aware of the stresses associated with injury and illness and recognize that not all situations are identical, just as no two people are identical. Knowing this, we do not minimize what you are experiencing by using language such as “It could always be worse” or similar words.

To build a meaningful and trusting relationship with patients takes time and effort. Effort that requires the patient remaining with the same therapist throughout the course of care rather than being diverted off to ancillary personnel – a practice common in many therapy settings. To ourselves there is nothing more flattering than when a patient declares you as “their therapist” and subsequently recommends you to family and friends as “their therapist”.

If¬†you, or someone you know is contemplating where to go for therapy, give us a try. We’d love to be your ally.