It’s no secret that we all struggle finding the motivation to keep active when the weather gets cold. So, what do you do when it’s 30 degrees outside and warm and cozy in your own home? Here are some tips to get those legs moving!

While most exercise programs have a high dropout rate, those for fitness training and cardiac rehabilitation have a high degree of compliance with regular walkers tending to continue their regiments. One of the many reasons is that a regular walking program is flexible! To avoid the kind of rigidity that some people find monotonous, especially at the beginning, the Every Other Day Program lets you decide which four days would be most convenient for you.

It is not important which pace you choose to walk at, as long as you are comfortable and consistent in the time you walk every day. Since this program will be based on regularity and consistency, it is perfectly acceptable to fall between two rates, slow and moderate for example.

To get the greatest benefits, you should work up to a regular schedule of walking one hour every other day, or any four days of the week you choose. Don’t worry about how far you’re walking, worry about how long you’re walking. You don’t even have to spend your hour walking all at once. You can easily break an hour down into several 15 or 30 minute increments throughout the day. As long as you consistently train, the benefits are the same.

Exercise can be functional as well as fun and can be molded into the daily routine by walking to work, shopping, school, a friend’s house, etc. Just keep up a consistent routine and get your legs moving!

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