Warmer weather is right around the corner and as NJ physical therapists, we have some recommendations for you to spend more time moving your body outside! Movement is essential for the health of the physical body but relaxation and fresh air are essential for the brain and it helps manage stress levels!


This one may be obvious to you! Walking is a great easy way to get moving and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. There are endless places to walk, including your neighborhood, parks, and local NJ trails! Tie up your sneakers and bring a friend or your dog and head out. If it happens to be a rainy Spring day, a treadmill can have great benefits as well! We offer a wellness center here at Stoneking Physical Therapy. You can read more about it here!


Believe it or not, gardening can have amazing benefits for the overall health of your muscles. Squatting, reaching, and standing on your toes are all a part of gardening and it keeps your muscles healthy and strong. Plus, you have the reward of a beautiful garden afterwards! According to the National Library of Medicine, gardening “combines physical activity with social interaction and exposure to nature and sunlight. Sunlight lowers blood pressure as well as increasing vitamin D levels in the summer, and the fruit and vegetables that are produced have a positive impact on the diet.” You can read more of the article here.


It goes without saying that stretching and yoga keep our bodies young! Stretching and strengthening your muscles makes daily activities easier and keeps pain at bay. It can also lower your stress levels and help you sleep better. Moreover, this is something you can do in the park or even your backyard. Take a look at local parks near you that offer community yoga classes as well! There are many classes that are free to join.


Golf is a sport that many people enjoy in the warmer months. It involves plenty of walking and use of muscles all over the body! Plus this sport may give you a sense of community with the golf club you join. Many men and women enjoy this sport at all ages. Especially for those over 65 years old, doctors recommend the sport because of its benefits: improving blood circulation and keeping muscles working! You can read more about the benefits of golf in this WebMD article.




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