This does not seem like a time for great optimism, but it has to be. Long before physical therapy was founded, the world dealt with great crisis, such as the Spanish flu of 1918, which tested human kind’s ability to progress and endure. In the age of physical therapy, the world, and U.S. in particular, has faced many catastrophes including two World Wars and a polio epidemic to name a few. In each instance the profession survived and helped people heal along the way.

Every great challenge presents an opportunity for renewal and growth. The COVID-19 crisis is no different. It has forced us to reflect and adapt. While good, adaptation is not enough. People stuck at home are hungry for connection – connection that can only go so far via video and audio conferences. Physical therapy as you know is a hands-on profession for the purpose of making people move and feel better. For our part we have remained open, essential, and safe.

The greatest challenge going forward is to remain viable as a business. After all, the world is going to go on about its business despite the swirl of the pandemic. My wish is that you will continue to place your trust in us. There is no greater satisfaction for ourselves than connecting with patients celebrating as they exceed their own expectations. My only expectation for when we get together, is that it be fun for all!